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Alliance Association Bank accepts online payments for dues and assessments via eCheck, Credit Card, or Direct Debit.  The AAB payment site is below: 

Management Company ID:  754

Association ID
Andrew's Reach HOA, Inc.   AND
Birch Creek II HOA, Inc.  BC2
Bradley View HOA, Inc.  BRA
Candlewyck Condominiums HOA, Inc.  CAN
Cardinal Drive Trade Center COA, Inc.  CAR
Columbia Street Master Association Inc.  COL
Crooked Creek HOA, Inc.   CRO
Downey Branch Office COA, Inc.  DOW
Eastport HOA, Inc.      EAS
Echo Greens HOA, Inc.   ECH
Heron Cove of Oak Island HOA, Inc.  HER
Hewlett's Rn HOA, Inc.  HEW
Inland Harbor HOA, Inc.  INH
Landmark Condominiums, Inc.   LAN
Inlet HOA, Inc., DBA Twin Oaks   INL
Magnolia Cottages Association, Inc.  MCA
Masonboro Village HOA, Inc.  MAS
Meadow Ridge Business Park Condominiums, Inc. MEA
Port City Commons Owners Association, Inc. PCC
Princeton Place HOA, Inc. PPL
Seahawk Square Condominium Association, Inc.  SEA
South Park HOA, Inc.  SOU
Swann Planation Property Owners Association, Inc.  SWA
Wescott Estates HOA, Inc.         WES

Methods of Payment:
Online Payment Via eCheck or Credit Card (one time & recurring options)
How does it work? If you would like to make your assessment payment online by E-Check or Credit Card, please visit the bank’s website at www.aafin.com for Alliance Association Bank and click on either the Pay Your Assessment by Credit Card or Pay Your Assessment by E-Check. Once you have selected your option, please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to pay your assessments online. There is no fee for E-Check payments but there is a 3% fee for all credit card payments for the bank to pay your credit card company so we do not recommend this method of payment.  Alliance Association Bank currently accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card. Please make sure you have a copy of your coupon or statement available prior to visiting the online payment website. There is important information located on your coupon/statement that you will need to enter in prior to completing you online payment.
Note: The Management Company ID is 754 and the Association ID is (See the list).

Recurring Automatic Debit
How does it work? Your account is automatically debited when your assessment is due.
What do I need to do?  
You will need to access the payment portal through the Alliance Association Bank website at onlinepay.aafin.com
If you have not already, you will need to create a user account and establish your profile with your email address and a password. This will allow you to set up recurring e-Check payments.  
You will have the ability to choose the date you desire the debit to occur. You will be sent a reminder email by the bank approximately five days before the debit occurs.
You will have the flexibility to cancel or change your draft 24/7 through logging into your account, once it is established. 
Note: The Management Company ID is 754 and the Association ID is (See the list).

US Mail/ Lockbox*
How does it work? You write a check to (Your Association’s Name, NOT the Management Company) and mail it in every time your assessment is due.  
What do I need to do? Write a check along with your payable to your homeowner’s association and mail it to (Your Association’s Name), c/o Professional Association Management, Inc., PO Box, 95013, Las Vegas, NV 89193-5013. Important: Always write your homeowner account number(s) on the check to assure proper credit.
Note: This is a special post office box provided by Alliance Association Bank only to the clients of P.A.M. Inc.

Your Own Bank’s Online Bill-Pay
How does it work? Set up your HOA as a payee with your bank’s online banking bill-pay. 
What do I need to do? Please complete your bill-pay setup exactly as follows:
Payee: (Insert Your Association’s Name)
Address 1: (Insert C/O Professional Association Management, Inc.)
Address 2: PO Box 95013
City: Las Vegas State: NV Zip: 89193-5013
Account Number/Reference Number: (Your Owner’s Code)

If you need assistance you may call toll free Alliance Association Bank at 888-734-4567. They would be happy to assist you and walk you through any process.

Drop Off Check
Put check into Drop Off/Pick Up Box
114 North 6th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

*is 'Lock-box'?
A lock-box is simply a term for a bank having a physical site to accept payments from someone for one of their client companies.  If you pay Duke electric bills, most other utility bills, credit card payments for store credit cards, car payments etc. you are already using a number of lock-boxes.